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Food Locations In Rockville

For the Finest in Thai Cuisine – Check out Kiin Imm Thai Restaurant, Among the Best Food Locations in Rockville

Since 2018, Kiin Imm Thai Restaurant, located on the pike, is one of the best Thai food locations in Rockville and the many surrounding communities.

Thai food lovers searching the internet using the phrase - the best restaurants near me that offer authentic Thai cuisine – can now find delectable Thai dishes that range from –

  • Gluten-Free or Vegetarian Appetizers – like dumplings or spring rolls or curry puffs, among others.

  • Spicy Classic Thai Street Food – like Siam Square Curry/Somen Noodles or chop-Chop Ka Prow Basil, among others.

  • Thai Curry Classics – like gluten-free and spicy Panang curry, green curry, or massaman curry.

  • Kiin Imm Rockville Specialties – like spicy crispy chicken, spicy basil pork crisp grand circle chili duck, or spicy catfish, among others.


Many of the Thai cuisine options offered by Kiin Imm are available on its catering menu, which provides serving sizes for five to six people per dish. Please allow several days’ notice to ensure all orders can be filled as requested.

Are you ready to speak with the chef at Kiin Imm about the available menu or catering options? Please call (301) 251-1888 or by Email. Check out Kiin Imm's reviews on Yelp. If you love the Thai food and cuisine we offer from one of the most convenient locations in Rockville – let us know!

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