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Rockville Thai Food

Serving the Finest Rockville Thai Food – Order Online for Pickup & Delivery

Located on the Pike in Rockville, Kiin Imm Thai Restaurant offers the best Rockville Thai Food. From classic Thai street food to delicious chef specialties, Kiin Imm is the restaurant for you - especially if you have been searching for the best Thai food delivery near me!

Kiin Imm Thai Restaurant Specials – are some of the best-kept secrets of all Rockville Food locations. Please order online!

New Specials!

  • Red Bully – crispy pork belly served with rice and cooked with red curry paste, bamboo shoots, basil, coconut milk, and Thai eggplant. $14.95

  • Swan in the Red Sea – a roasted duck breast service with rice and cooked with red curry paste, broccoli basil, coconut milk, pineapple, tomato, chili, and bell peppers. $15.95

  • Laotian Beef Jerky – marinated beef that is sun-dried served with sticky rice and cooked with scallion, fried shallot & soybean, and hot sauce. $7.95


Fan Favorites!

  • Rockville Pumpkin Curry – a choice of protein served with red curry paste, kabocha pumpkin, basil, bell pepper, and coconut milk.

  • Pisces the Fish – crispy filleted tilapia served with Jasmine rice, broccoli, cauliflowers, and your choice of sauce. $14.95

  • Kung Fu Fighting Fish - crispy fillet of tilapia, served with Jasmine rice with ginger, onion, celery & scallion served in a light bean paste sauce. $14.95


Check out Kiin Imm's Godzilla Fried Rice – the best Rockville Thai Food Fried Rice, which offers a delectable crab fried rice served with egg, cilantro, carrot, broccoli, scallion, tomato, and onion – with light soy and spicy seafood sauces on the side. $16.95


Are you ready to speak with the chef at Kiin Imm about the available menu or catering options? Please call (301) 251-1888 or by Email.

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