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Thai Food

The Best, Most Authentic Thai Food & Thai Dishes On the Pike in Rockville

Kiin Imm offers an online ordering system for pickup or delivery (using Uber or DoorDash - with a minimum order of $25). Or, customers wanting to visit will experience a cozy atmosphere to enjoy some of Rockville's best Thai food options.

Check out available Thai dishes known as 

  • Khoa Mok Gai – marinated chicken thighs served with curried rice and a medium spiced Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce. $12.95

  • Moon River Crossing – flat shrimp/chicken wonton soup served with napa cabbage, boiled egg, and a fish ball. $11.95

  • Basil Pork Crisp – stir-fried pork belly with chili garlic sauce, bell peppers, and green beans. $14.95.

  • Chiang Mai Khao Soi Noodle – turmeric engulfs these flat wonton noodles served with coconut milk, curry, pickled green mustard, and lime.

  • Boat Noodle Soup – a concentrated beef broth with thin rice Pho Noodles, beef, pork, bean sprouts, Chinese broccoli, bathed in spices like Star Anise and cinnamon, among others.

  • Dancing Pork Belly & Chinese Broccoli - Jasmine rice accompanies this crispy pork belly that is sauteed with bean paste, Chinese broccoli, and a garlic/oyster brown sauce. $14.95.


For those interested in one of Kiin Imm's fresh Thai food salads, Kiin Imm's salad offers a variety of options. When ordering, don't forget to adjust the spice level to your taste – from Level 1 (Minimum Spicy) to Level 5 – Thai Spicy – beyond extra spicy.

  • A Papaya Salad – shredded papaya, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, and peanuts in a spicy lime/tamarind dressing. $6.95

  • A Larb Salad (tofu or chicken) - protein plus red onion, scallions, cilantro, roasted rice powder, and fresh lime juice. $6.95

  • Pineapple Beef Salad - steak grilled to perfection with pineapple, tomato, red onion, cilantro and scallions, spices & lime juice. $7.95

  • Brussels Sprout Salad - Brussel sprouts flash-fried with celery, red onions, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, cashew nuts, and a spicy lime/tamarind dressing. $7.95


If you have been searching the internet using the phrase - the best Thai food near me, give Kiin Imm Thai Restaurant a try, and you will keep coming back for more! If you have an interest in talking with the chef at Kiin Imm about menu or catering options, they can be reached at (301) 251-1888 or by Email.

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